Determine Process

This search is designed to be conducted in two phases. First, you will invite qualified agencies to respond to an RFP outlining what you are seeking in a public relations firm. Based on responses, you will then narrow the field of agencies under consideration and seek additional input that will enable you to select from among finalists. Determine upfront who you will involve in the selection process and how they will be involved. When you are ready to create a timetable for your search, click on the Create Timetable tab above.

  • Best Practices

As appropriate, collaborate with procurement/sourcing staff to define essential information they are seeking for decision-making. When procurement executives are involved in the selection of your public relations firm, begin the dialogue with them early in the process to gain clarity about their needs. Then, seek to be responsive while making sure the requests you make of participating agencies are relevant to the search and the selection of the most appropriate partner firm.  For additional information on working with procurement, visit to obtain a copy of the Council of Public Relations Firms booklet on this topic: Procurement: Building and Sustaining Productive Working Relationships.