Conducting an effective search for a public relations firm requires careful planning. This guide will  help you design a search process that makes sense for your organization and will yield the results you are seeking.The best way for you to get started is to continue through this guide to review the steps in the process of planning and implementing your agency search listed in the panel at the left. For each step, we provide:

  • Summary of the step and its purpose: and
  • Best Practices based on industry standards.    

Once you have reviewed the entire process,  explore the additional resources in this tool by clicking on the tabs above: 

  • Create Timetable - Choose your start date and this tool will create a timetable for your search.
  • Build Request for Proposal (RFP) - Draft an RFP specific to your needs; and
  • Identify Agencies  - Use the Find a Firm feature on the Council of Public Relations Firms Web site to develop an initial list of qualified firms to consider.

The process described in RFP Builder is based on The Council of Public Relations Firm booklet Standards for Conducting a Public Relations Firm Search. To obtain a copy of this complementary guide, go to Council Publications in the Resources section of If you have questions about RFP Builder, contact the Council at 877-773-4767.